Information Management the VendorSphere™ Way

Business environments generate extensive quantities of related information from documents and databases alike. Providing electronic storage, automated taxonomy classification, contextual linking of content from multiple sources and enabling access to relevant information in a timely manner is often not possible. VendorSphere™ brings together each of the key information spheres related to management of vendor/supplier relations and execution of document based/contractual agreements and automates cataloging and linking of content to provide relationship visibility.  Bringing together multiple source system types through use of our extensive API we can expose a cross platform view of how each Vendor interacts with your business with customization of “what” you want to see on the Vendors dashboard by Vendor/Supplier type.

  • Simple search mechanisms to facilitate quick retrieval with additional detailed result filtering against search results

  • All search and content viewing/retrieval is subject to system privacy and security policies

  • Standard and custom content driven notifications
  • Link unrelated content to WatchLists to create custom tracking lists
  • Globally define profile information relevant to different types of Vendor to ensure capture of key compliance and general business management information needs as vendors/suppliers are on-boarded by the business and to facilitate ongoing regulatory requirements e.g. Vendors license to operate has not expired.

Organize Your Information

Volume based pricing with clear usage visibility to provide expense transparency and help you achieve your business goals