Create reusable multi-level plans with the ability to assign each task an owner and a due date or frequency for completion. Plans can automatically be assigned through a business rules based classification inheritance structure defined by customers to meet the needs of their individual business policies and objectives or care based quality deliverables.

Management Plans

Create plans with phases and tasks that provide steps/tasks/activities to be completed to achieve a management objective. Examples of uses are On-boarding checklists, Vendor Evaluation, Physician Risk Management Plans.

Care Plans

Create plans with phases and tasks that provide steps tasks activities to be completed to achieve a care deliverable.

Link to Content

Link plans to different Sphere profile templates so that when a new content item (entity/person/vendor/document) inherits that particular profile template based on the same classification hierarchy, a new instance of the Care/Management plan becomes associated with that content item assisting business to efficiently make sure base sets of management tasks are applied under the relevant scenario.